Mack Axles

Durable and efficient, Mack® axles combine innovative designs and advanced engineering to help maximize uptime and carry your business further.


Innovative. Integrated. Efficient.

Load up on the wide range of features and capabilities inside every Mack axle.

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Mack Trucks Powertrain

Complete Integration

Fully integrated with Mack’s MP® engines, transmissions and suspensions, this complete powertrain is designed to work seamlessly together for maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance.

Versatile Construction

Choose between durable cast ductile iron axle housings built with thicker walls to handle the most extreme jobs or our lighter weight fabricated steel axle housings for improved efficiency.

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Mack Trucks Granite

The Heavy-Duty Heavyweight

With the new 85,000 lbs. weight rating. Mack axles are the clear choice for heavy-duty auling without the worry.

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Top-Mounted Design

Top mounting our carriers delivers a straight-through driveline that cuts down on vibration and reduces lifetime maintenance costs while delivering a quieter, smoother drive.

Mack Trucks Driveline
Mack Axle housings

Uptime By Design

Our axle housings have tighter tolerances and fewer joints for greater reliability and longer life. The top-mounted carrier features a bowl cover on the top of the housing making it less prone to leaks.

Greater Ground Clearance

Mack axles have up to nearly 2” of greater ground clearance over our competitors which means greater maneuverability while reducing the potential for high rock damage.

Mack Axle Ground Clearance



Maintenance Intervals


Axle Model

Max.Rated GAWR (lbs/kgs)

Creep Rating (lbs.)

Carrier Offering

Axle Housing


Wheel Ends

RA23R (Reyco susp) 23,000 N/A

126; 151; 181; 203 1511;

1811; 2031

Fab. Steel .43" R
RA23R (Air Leaf) Fab. Steel .55" R
S38R 38,000 50,000
SB38 38,000 60,000 Fab. Steel .43" R
S40 40,000 50,000
S440 46,000 60,000

125/126; 150/151;

1501/1511; 202/203;

2021/2031; 180/181;


S440 (AL)/S462 46,000 50,000 Fab. Steel .55" R
S462R 46,000 65,000 Ductile Irone R
S402R 40,000 65,000 Ductile Irone R
S522R 52,000 70,000

150/151; 1501/1511

202/203; 2021/2031

180/181; 1801/1811

Ductile Irone R
S582 58,000 75,000 150/151;1501/1511
202/203; 2021/2031
Ductile Irone Mack - M3
S652 65,000 85,000 95/96 Ductile Irone Mack - M3
S852 85,000 105,000 95/96 Ductile Irone Mack - M3
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Greater than 6 mpg Less than 39L/100km


Greater than 5 mpg Less than 50L/100km


Less than 5 mpg Greater than 50L/100km

Rear Axle Oil (Replace) MILES 500,000 80,000
KM 800,000 125,000
HOURS 36 months 12 months

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