GuardDog® Connect

GuardDog Connect is your trusted co-pilot that's dedicated to keeping you on the road.

Meet Your Uptime Ally

Connect your truck to a 24/7 network of support staff and repair centers.

If something happens on the road, GuardDog Connect detects the problem instantly and calls it in—usually before you can tell that anything’s wrong.

If the issue needs immediate attention, GuardDog Connect contacts our OneCall® roadside assistance service, and forwards all the necessary information—including parts needed, service instructions and diagnostic information—to your nearest service center to get you back on the road faster.

Every Driver's Best Friend

GuardDog Connect makes sure that your Mack stays strong by tapping into our advanced telematics network.

GuardDog Connect:

  • Wirelessly updates software through Over The Air (OTA) software updates
  • Connects drivers to a live network of support staff and repair centers through Mack ASIST
  • Provides peace of mind to owners and operators alike




Fault Codes Decision-Maker Prompt repair scheduling and assures all required parts are available
Diagnostic Needs OneCall Roadside Assistance Timely updates to all parties, keeping teams on the same page throughout the repair process
Maintenance Milestones Service Providers Required maintenance tracking and repair information, reducing administrative costs

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