Pure Mack Engine Parts

Pure Mack Parts® are designed specifically for your truck and engineered as a complete system to last for years.


The effectiveness of your cooling system is the sum of its parts. Pure Mack parts ensure maximum performance and uptime for all your miles ahead.

  • Radiators
  • Change Air Coolers
  • Expansion Air Tanks


Leaking radiators can do more than just create a small mess. They can lead to power loss, engine overheating, a warped cylinder head, blown head gaskets and, in the worst case, a complete engine failure. All of these issues mean unplanned downtime and expensive repairs, which could sideline drivers from their next job. With Pure Mack radiators and cooling system parts, your replacement parts are guaranteed to fit the specs of your truck engine because they are factory Mack.

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Charge Air Coolers

The charge air cooler (CAC), also known as an intercooler, chills the forced air after it passes through the turbocharger, but before it hits the engine. Passing a compressed and heated intake “charge” through a CAC reduces its temperature (due to heat rejection) and pressure (due to flow restriction of fins). This cool-down charge creates denser air combustion, allowing for more effective engine output and better fuel economy.

Failures due to defective CACs often result in reduced mileage per gallon and compromised engine performance, eventually leading to downtime.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimizes the airflow through the charge air cooler for maximum performance while minimizing aerodynamic drag
  • Scientifically engineered to reduce temperature while minimizing pressure loss for maximum performance and fuel economy
  • Provides a complete combustion of the fuel/air mixture under every engine load while increasing the output and performance of the engine
  • The unique internal fin design is molded to a specific shape with an offset pattern to help minimize pressure drop while distributing heat more effectively
  • Core cover is specially designed to allow for thermal expansion within a set tolerance, with an added breakaway feature to protect core components
  • Proprietary inverted ferrule design strengthens the bond between the tubes and headers, improving strength and durability

Expansion Air Tanks

The coolant expansion tank, also known as a surge tank, is a critical component in the engine cooling ecosystem. The tank serves as both the entry point and reservoir for the coolant itself. With coolant temperatures that fluctuate near 200 degrees Fahrenheit, the expansion tank provides a space for the pressurized air and liquid to expand and contract safely while supplying the engine and related components the critical fluid to keep your truck working.

Features and Benefits

  • Precise fit of the Mack original engineered part using a unique, modular design
  • Plastic material is pressure- and temperature-resistant for years of service
  • Includes coolant level sensor to indicate when fluid is too low
  • Designed to withstand heavy duty and harsh operating conditions (anti-vibration)
  • Advance flow control to reduce unwanted air bubbles in the coolant

Filtration and Lubrication

To deliver the performance, power and reliability you expect, our trucks are engineered to the highest specifications to meet our exacting standards. Choosing Pure Mack parts to replace your filtration and lubrication components means your standards are just as high as ours.


Pure Mack filters are part of an integrated system of components that work together seamlessly. We use only the finest available filter media, adhesives and seals to give your truck superior filtration.

  • Engine Air
  • Cabin Air
  • Oil
  • Fuel

Engine Air

Clean air is vital for an engine running long and strong. The air filter protects the intake air from different kinds of harmful particles around an engine. The dust in the air filter helps maintain the high efficiency of the filter, which is why it's very important that the filter is not subject to any cleaning. Air filters should be serviced every 24 months or whenever the dashboard service light notifies drivers that it's time for a change.


Cabin Air

Cabin air filters protect truck occupants from air pollutants by removing atmospheric dusts, plant dusts, pollen, soot and smoke particles, among other things. The composition and nature of dust and its quantity per cubic foot varies greatly between different applications. Pure Mack cabin air filters are designed from the beginning to ensure excellent filtering efficiency against very small particles in all environments.



Clean oil is vital for the engine in order to reach optimal performance with long service intervals and a long lifetime. Oil filters are absolutely necessary to keep the engine oil clean from particles and sludge. Pure Mack oil filters have been tested in millions of miles in all Mack engines.



Your engine needs clean fuel to reach optimal performance, fuel efficiency and engine power to ensure a long lifetime. Fuel filters help keep the injectors clean from particles.

The Mack fuel filter system consists of one primary filter and one secondary filter, often known as the pre-filter and main filter, respectively. The primary filter separates water from the fuel before dirt and contaminants are removed, to be collected in the water bowl mounted below the primary filter. Primary filters have different capacities due to different fuel qualities. The secondary filter eliminates dirt and other contaminants from the fuel before it is sent to the engine.

Each spin-on filter consists of a pleated filter media inside a steel can. The gasket is made for different fuels. Mack fuel filters have been tested for millions of miles in all Mack engines.

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Mack Trucks Lubricants are part of our Genuine Mack Parts program. Genuine Mack Parts are designed for ultimate reliability, durability, and performance. They are quality assured and fulfill Mack’s specifications and stringent requirements. With Mack Trucks Lubricants, vehicle uptime is increased by extending oil drain. This not only has a positive effect on performance but also on the customer’s bottom line and the environment.

  • Engine Oil
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Greases
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Coolant
Mack Engine Oil

Engine Oil

These uniquely formulated oils with proprietary additive technology are made to provide optimum performance in Mack engines and exceed the requirements of all North American diesel engine manufacturers.

Mack Transmission Fluid

Transmission Fluid

Mack transmission fluid 97342 is the latest Mack ATF standard: specifically developed to provide optimal friction characteristics in Mack Powertronic transmissions, thereby leading to more comfortable gear shifts. The higher quality of 97342 also allows for increased drain intervals. 97340 is an older standard and currently used for power steering.



Greases are mainly used for lubricating chassis points, including the 5th wheel. They consist of a solid or semi-solid lubricant that contains a thickening agent (soap) which is added to liquid base oil. The types of thickeners that are normally used are lithium or lithium complex soaps. Special greases, designed for extreme operations, are also available.

Hydraulic Oil

Mack ISO 32 Premium Hydraulic Oil is a superior hydraulic fluid designed for optimal performance in manual transmissions and gears. It offers exceptional protection and functionality in various temperature conditions. This high-performance fluid is compatible with a wide range of hydraulic pumps and can be used alongside most mineral-based hydraulic fluids.


Cleaner-running, more fuel-efficient heavy-duty engines have created new demands for coolants. Performance and protection standards are up. The challenge has been to make a coolant that performs and protects under higher engine operating temperatures and faster coolant flow rates, while extending service life and reducing costs.

Mack® VCS2 Coolant features advanced POAT technology that guarantees cooling system protection for 1.5 million miles, 10-years, or 36,000 hours. Pure Mack coolant meets every challenge head-on.


When it comes time to overhaul your Mack engine, nobody knows your engine better than the people who built it. Mack Overhaul only uses Pure Mack parts and is built by specialized experts with years of experience working on Mack engines.

Don’t settle for parts that merely fit. Mack Overhauls only use durable Pure Mack parts engineered to work precisely with your engine. Don't risk unexpected downtime with generic parts.

Mack takes the stress out of overhauls by making it easy to find high-quality, affordable parts designed specifically for your Mack engine. With multiple Mack Overhaul options, we can fit your budget and get your truck back on the road.

Expert Installation
Mack Overhauls are performed by factory-trained Mack technicians. And nobody knows your Mack engine better than a Mack technician.

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Safety Data Sheets

Our Safety Data Sheets provide key information on your truck's chemicals. Available in English, Spanish and French.

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