An Electric First Half

We’re just halfway into 2023 and already Mack Trucks has introduced several product offerings to meet the changing needs of our industry and customers.

A new line of zero-emissions trucks, an extension of a technology that saves customers time and money, and new service offerings designed to make truck operations more efficient and hassle free.

The biggest news so far this year is the unveiling of the Mack® MD Electric, a battery electric vehicle (BEV) for Class 6 and 7 applications. This is a Mack truck through and through, which means that in addition to helping customers meet their sustainability goals, it will deliver the durability, reliability and low total cost of ownership that are hallmarks of this brand.

The MD Electric is very significant and builds upon the great foundation that the diesel MD has created in the medium-duty market place in only two years. It's Mack's second BEV, following the Mack LR Electric which has a growing acceptance in the refuse industry. The MD Electric brings the advantages of Mack's deep knowledge of truck applications, as well as our strong design and engineering heritage. The MD Electric enables another category of truck users to meet the future with confidence. And it has zero tailpipe emissions.

Electric drivetrains demand a steep commitment from a manufacturer to be effective in commercial trucking. Mack Trucks has made that commitment along with our dealers. A steadily growing number have made the investment required to support customers operating BEVs. When it comes time to turn to Mack for an electric vehicle, our network will be ready and waiting for you.

Excellence in customer service is a long-term effort, one that Mack has focused on for its entire existence. In recent years we've expanded capabilities and found new ways to meet the ever-changing needs of truck operators. Once again, Mack's dealer network has been a source of strength for our customers. We have a very strong family of dealers who constantly step up and invest in new personnel, new facilities, new technology and training to keep ahead of industry needs.

From 2010 through 2022 the Mack dealer network has become notably larger and capable of serving an increased population of trucks:

In fact, there has been more than $1 billion in network facility investments by our dealers in the last 12 years. Our dealers make these investments because they believe in the value of your business and the Mack brand.

So keep watching this space and keep watching Mack. There's always more to come.

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