Over 122 years, Mack Trucks is a company with a long history and an eye on the future. We’ve always manufactured innovative trucks and powertrains, but our role is bigger than that: Mack and its people are here to move and build a better world. That’s because our products and services impact people’s lives. We build necessary products and we intend to keep building them for a long time to come. And Mack is playing a leading role in shaping the future of the trucking business with products such as the Mack® LR Electric.

Ensuring a meaningful future for Mack means we will grow in a sustainable way that meets the needs and conditions of a future world. This encompasses how we meet our market and our customers’ needs while doing our part to ensure a good quality of life for future generations. Mack’s approach to sustainability covers the full value chain: research and development, purchasing, production, sales and aftersales support.

Mack Trucks Sustainability Commitment

Climate change, population growth and increasing urbanization have shifted expectations on transportation and infrastructure. Mack, as part of the Volvo Group, is committed to reducing climate impact by using the world’s resources efficiently and conducting business differently. Together with our customers, supply chain partners, governments, cities and towns, and other stakeholders, we have moved quickly to develop and offer cleaner, safer and more sustainable transport solutions.

There are several key elements to Mack’s sustainability strategy. First, Mack is committed to reducing our overall environmental footprint. Our first priority is slashing greenhouse gas emissions from our products and our business operations. We have set challenging targets:

Another way we are working toward sustainability is by being landfill-free at each of our manufacturing and business sites. Currently, three locations are certified as landfill-free, meaning at least 99% of all waste is reused, reduced, recycled, or incinerated with energy recovery. Several more locations are tracking to be certified by end of 2022.

Mack’s commitment to battery electric vehicles, such as the LRe, is key to our future. The rollout and acceptance of this groundbreaking truck has accelerated. More customers are placing orders, more Mack dealers are making the very real investment in their future to service and support BEVs, and more customers are planning a future where their trucks plug in.

Mack has done far more than replace a diesel engine with a battery and motor. The fossil fuel network has existed for well over a century and is second nature to vehicle owners. Our goal is to establish a complete ecosystem that makes the process of operating a BEV nearly effortless. Our Vehicle as a Service (VaaS) program removes apprehensions and capital investments by providing comprehensive protection and maintenance, charging infrastructure financing and management, and complete route integration guidance and support.

The LRe is the first BEV Mack offers, but we plan to develop electric vehicles for all of our customer segments and applications, securing the future of Mack, our dealer partners, our customers and the environment for another 122 years and more.

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