Mack Trucks introduced its Range Calculator for Electric Vehicles to help customers simulate real-world collection routes. This information allows customers to plan and build routes for the Mack® LR Electric refuse vehicle based on many route-specific variables.

The Range Calculator takes into account the battery capacity, refuse body application type, ambient temperature, terrain and the amount of stops on a specific route. This enables customers to estimate and plan for the energy that will be consumed on the route.

“The Range Calculator for Electric Vehicles is a useful tool for customers and potential customers so when they’re making the decision about whether to purchase an electric vehicle, they can easily plan collection routes that will be best suited for the vehicle,” says Scott Barraclough, Mack Trucks senior product manager of e-mobility. “The tool is easy to use and can predict when the vehicle should need to be charged, if necessary, so that the proper planning can be made.”

Using GPS data collected from the customer’s current routes, Mack can utilize the data to produce a detailed report predicting the number of starts and stops the Mack LR Electric can fulfill on the specific route. The calculator considers increasing payload, regenerative braking, and the time spent at each stop.

For more information about the Mack LR Electric or the Range Calculator for Electric Vehicles, please visit your local Mack dealer or

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